Miller Multimatic® 235 Multiprocess Welder w/ EZ-Latch™ Running Gear

Miller Multimatic® 235 Multiprocess Welder w/ EZ-Latch™ Running Gear
Miller Multimatic® 235 Multiprocess Welder w/ EZ-Latch™ Running Gear


Miller Multimatic® 235 Multiprocess Welder w/ EZ-Latch™ Running Gear

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Model: Multimatic 235 EZ-Latch (Single Cylinders Running Gear Package)

The Miller® Multimatic® 235 with EZ-Latch™ single cylinder running gear is a 235 amp, portable multi-process welder that is capable of MIG, Flux-cored, DC stick, DC Lift-Arc™ TIG and Pulsed TIG welding. It is the first-ever Miller welder that functions with any OPTIONAL Miller Spoolmatic® or Spoolmate™ spool gun. For Spoolmate 200 and all Spoolmatic models, Auto-Gun Detect® automatically detects which gun (MIG or Spool) is being used and allows you to switch between MIG gun and spool gun by simply pulling the trigger. Spoolmate 100 and Spoolmate 150 spool guns can also be used with the Multimatic 235, but the Auto-Gun Detect® feature will not work with these spool gun models. Both the Spoolmate 100 and 150 need to be plugged into the 235's MIG gun receptacle in order to function properly.

The Multimatic® 235 comes complete with full color 4.3 inch LCD screen with Auto-Set™ Elite technology. Auto-Set™ Elite sets MIG, Stick and DC TIG welding parameters automatically, all you need to do is enter metal thickness and welding wire or tungsten electrode diameter. The 235 also features a built in program for stainless steel MIG welding that uses Argon 98%/CO2 2% as the shielding gas. This will save hundreds of dollars per cylinder over using helium mix shielding gases for your stainless steel MIG applications.

EZ-Latch™ running gear with single cylinder rack gives unmatched portability to the Multimatic 235. For moving around the shop, your 235 welder attaches to the running gear through a series of four, quick-disconnect latches. For times when your 235 is taken into the field, the machine and running gear can be quickly separated for loading into a vehicle. The 235 can also be separated from the EZ-Latch running gear to access difficult-to-reach areas around the shop where a welder with full running gear/cylinder rack might not otherwise fit.

NOTE: EZ-Latch™ running gear comes in separate box and requires some assembly. Components assemble in four steps and include: cart with front caster wheels, single cylinder tray with rear wheels, single cylinder post and gun & cable rack.

The Multimatic® 235 runs on 240V single-phase input power. It comes complete with MDX™-250 MIG gun, electrode holder, clamp, flow gauge regulator and gas hose, reversible drive rolls, extra contact tips and material thickness gauge.


  • Multiprocess capabilities include MIG, flux cored, DC stick and DC Lift-Arc™ TIG welding. The Multimatic 235 also has pulsing capability that allows it to do pulsed TIG welding.
  • Intuitive color LCD user interface makes it quick and easy to adjust parameters.
  • Auto-Set Elite offers predefined weld settings to increase ease of use and ensure that the job is done right for operators of all skill levels.
    Available for MIG, stick and DC TIG processes with the ability to fine-tune your settings.
    Set weld parameters by selecting:
    MIG - wire and gas type, wire diameter and material thickness
    Stick - electrode type, electrode diameter and material thickness
    DC Lift-Arc™ TIG (shown) - remote on/off, tungsten diameter and material thickness
  • Wide range of TIG adjustability
    DC Pulse - adjustable from Off-150 pulses per second (PPS)
    TIG Post-Flow - adjustable from Auto-25 seconds (accessible through service menu screen 13)
    DC Lift-Arc™
    Tungsten size selection
  • MDX™ 250 MIG gun with AccuLock™ MDX consummables
    Dual-locked, front-loading liner optimizes wire feedability
    Install AccuLock contact tips with a single turn
    AccuLock liner locks at front and back of gun to align with contact tip and power pin, resulting in a flawless wire feed path
    Durable, ergonomic handle with overmolding improves grip and comfort
    Ball-and-socket handle with rear swivel for increased gun maneuverability and decreased welder fatigue
  • Auto-Gun Detect™ automatically adjusts voltage, wire speed and timers for faster switching between MIG and Spoolmate 200 and Spoolmatic spool guns.
  • Large wire drive compartment houses 12-inch wire spool to increase productivity by reducing frequency of changing smaller wire spools
  • Angled heavy-duty aluminum two-drive roll system significantly improves wire feeding through a 15-foot gun from a 12-inch spool of wire
  • Two shielding gas connections so both gases can be left connected to the machine, no switching needed. One connection for MIG gas and one for TIG gas.
  • 14-pin remote amperage control operator alternatives - Using the 10-pin receptacle on your 235, along with an OPTIONAL 10-pin to 14-pin adapter cord, allows you choose between a variety of OPTIONAL 14-pin remote foot and fingertip controls.

Multimatic® 235 Multiprocess Welder w/ EZ-Latch™ Running Gear
   Industries Interests Racing, Farm and Ranch,
Auto Repair, Manufacturing,
Construction and Fabrication
   Amperage 20 A - 235 A
   Material Thickness Mild Steel 24 ga. - 3/8 in. (TIG)
Mild Steel 24 ga. - 3/8 in. (MIG)
Mild Steel 16 ga. - 3/8 in. (Stick)
Aluminum 18 ga. - 3/8 in (MIG)
   Weldable Metals Aluminum,
Stainless Steel, Steel
   Input Voltage 208 V
220/230/240 V
   Input Phase 1-Phase
   Input Hz 50/60 Hz
   Current Type DC
   Max Open Circuit Voltage 54 VDC
   Wire Feed Speed 1.5 m/min - 15.2 m/min
60 m/min - 600 m/min
   Rated Output CV: MIG/Flux 170 Amps at 22.5 V, 60% duty cycle
CC: Stick 150 Amps at 26 V, 60% duty cycle
CC: DC TIG 180 Amps at 17.2 V, 60% duty cycle
   Welding Mode CC/CV
   Portability Handle(s) Running Gear
Cart (Standard)
   Weld Output CC / CV
   Applications Aluminum Welding, Fabrication,
Mobile Fabrication
MRO Welding Education and Training
Welding Projects

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