Dehray RDE8700Ti Diesel Generator Set

Dehray RDE8700Ti Diesel Generator Set


Dehray RDE8700Ti Diesel Generator Set

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 Output the power you need
Strong, flexible, general, reliable and durable. You can find the most
suitable generator here.

 Quieter operation, bigger power
High-efficient combustion system ensures sufficient combustion;
muffler reduces exhaust noise greatly; engine noise is isolated in
double structure and absorbed by special lining.
Wide application and wide range capacity can meet all requirements of

 Control panel
All operation functions of the generator set are on the control panel, with
a digital readable display showing operation time, output voltage and
current. Breakers can protect generator set from overload damage.

   Model RDE8700Ti
   Rated frequency 50Hz
   Rated power 6.0kVA
   Max. power 6.6kVA
   Rated voltage 240V
   Rated current 25A
   Rated roatation speed               3000r/min 
   Pole no. 2
   Phase number Single phase
   Excitation mode Self-exciation and
constant voltage(with AVR)
   Power factor COSΦ1
   Insulation grade F
   Engine type RD192FGET
   Structur type Single-cylinder, vertical, 4-stroke, 
 air-cooled, direct-injected
   Bore x stroke 92×75mm
   Displacement 0.499L
   Compression ratio 19 : 1
   Rated power 7.6kW
   Lubrication system Pressure splashed
   Lube oil brand Above CD or SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
   Lube capacity 1.65L
   Starting system 12V Electric starter
   Charging generator capacity 12V 36Ah
   Fuel consumption ratio 260g/kW.h
   Fuel type Diesel : 0# (summer),
-10# (winter), -35# (chillness)
   Panel type Monitor+2*32A British sockets
+Air breaker protector
   Output Receptacle : 2-Single phase
Connection pole : without
   Nosie level (7m) 72dB(A)
   Fuel tank capacity 15L
   Overall dimension 980×530×740mm
   Net weight 175kg
Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator (i-AVR) is a microprocessor controller.
i-AVR adjustments are driven off the PMG generator versus a sensor winding in traditional AVR systems.
It can also communicate with your computer with a UART-RS232 interface.
This allows the generators data : including voltage, current, and battery voltage to be seen from computer.

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