Ring Blower 2RB810-7AH19

Ring Blower 2RB810-7AH19

Ring Blower 2RB810-7AH19

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Features ;
Side channel blowers have been widely used in the evironmental water treatment. For example, in the aeration of sewage, ring blowers can be provide oxy that the aerobe need in the activated sludge. Also, blowers can be provide the conditions which make the sewage and activated sludge mixed sufficiently todissolve all kinds of organic matters in the water. Then, the sewage water can be purified. Besides the above, ring blowers can also be used to mix the plating bath fluid and can be used in the aquaculture industry as well in the printer industry.

Model :                          2RB810-7AH19
Stage :                          Single Stage
Freq (Hz) :                    415v 50Hz
Power (kw) :                5.5kw
Airflow (m3/h) :          530
TH.CL :                          IP55
Pressure :                     300 (mbar)
Vacuum :                     -300 (mbar)
N. Weight (kg) :           63kg
Inlet/Outlet (inch) :    G 2-1/2
Sound :                          70dB (A)

Dimension (L*W*H) :  477*451*509

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